art-dialog 2: starting point of a creative process

This morning we start our journey to Prague and to our art-science-project. With a car full of diverse unstructured and seemingly chaotic material. And with mixed feelings within the whole range from great joy until fear. On the one hand Esther, Andreas and I, we all are very well prepared for this endeavour. We discussed many hours about the theme of ‘growing together in diversity’ and ‘complexity’. We decided about the material, with which we will create our improvised social sculpture. We did some training with this material to become acquainted with it. On the other hand there is a great respect for the planned endeavour and for our public exposure to the uncertainty. But before all we are full of trust that we will experience together with the interested conference participants a meaningful creative process and we believe that by the mutually enriching multifaceted interactions new knowledge will emerge, not only in the scientific sense but also concerning our personal human development. See you in Prague