art-dialog 2: the day before the first day

Today in the afternoon Andreas drove us with our jam-packed VAN to the conference centre. There it wasn’t easy to find the place to offload our material. With the friendly support of helpful clerks we carted it finally through the labyrinth of the catacombs of the conference centre to the fantastically well tagged (thanks to the organizers) place of our art-science project in the first floor. We prepared the field of our installation with a black rubber mat sized 8 x 4 meters and ordered all our stuff in an aesthetic kind. So we became a little bit acquainted with the challenges of the room and its light. Many helping hands accompanied us so far and we are very grateful for that. As we feared in advance we had to defend our huge rubbish sacks in which we transported our PET material against the helping hands of the cleaning staff – self-fulfilling prophecy… A red and white striped tape around our “playground” has to protect our material overnight. Now we are eager to start our installation/ performance tomorrow on Wednesday noon.