art-dialog 2: feeling of eternity

Today we started our installation and I have the feeling to be here since eternity. I feel really fine even if a little bit crazy. Esther and I cooperate fantastically with mutually enriching interaction. Our discussions lead again and again to unanticipated new steps of the installation. The first step of the installation’s process being like slime changed in a stem-cell. – The beginning of each growing… The conference participants dropped in during the whole day and went straight to the registration desk next to our installation. All were so much self-absorbed or met friends that we have been sort of unnoticed – like a cell at the beginning of its growth… Nevertheless we had a very interesting exchange with some of my Wonca-friends, Rick from the USA and Joachim from Australia as well as Pablo Blasco and Marco with colleagues and students from Brazil. They are renowned for teaching humanities and a person-centred medicine as well as a good sense of self to their students with the help of arts like cinema clips, opera visits and newly with songs. A wonderful exchange going further than small talk. - Growing together in diversity… A long day full of rich experiences. And Andreas, again he shot wonderful photos.