art-dialog 2: a little tired but happy



Today we undertook two greater steps in the process of our installation. First we covered a big part of the black floor with a layer of PET-packaging. Then we removed the “stem-cell” leaving a huge black hole in the carpet of transparent PET. At this moment, surprisingly,  the installation changed, seen with our eyes,  its dimension from the micro level of a cell to the macro level of an organism with multiple organs or – why not – on the social level of a town... Waiting now for interconnections among the different parts of the installation to communicate and interact among each-other. This will happen tomorrow.
We had some very interesting encounters with conference participants with more than less understanding for the installation. But always it stimulated deep reflections about the daily work in the consultation with their patients, about the importance of the patient’s context in the interest of a meaningful therapeutic process and last but not least about the understanding of a patient-centred medicine.
A little bit tired but happy and eager to continue the installation tomorrow…

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