art-dialog 2: Metamorphosis

Yesterday evening we decided to integrate today wire in the further steps of the evolving process of our installation. Esther was ready now to work with this unwieldy metal material with which she felt not comfortable at all.

After having made a net of wires we constructed a three dimensional pending cube of 2 meters lateral length. These fine lines deployed such a dominant effect that we had to reduce the PET material and move it at the border of the black carpet. To accentuate the lines of the cube we coloured them pink, the other wires partially yellow and blue. Henceforward there was no more room at all for the PET-material and we removed it totally. Even the net of wires had to get reduced. Finally we started to form a bowel with very fine wires and put it on a yellow carpet within the cube. This unexpectedly evolved metamorphic structure convinced us totally an we decided to view it as the final scene of our installation.

Again we had many very interesting discussions with conference participants visiting our art-science project. And again thee was shown several slides within the slide-loop shown during the breaks. Tomorrow morning we will re-evaluate our installation again. If necessary we will perform little changes. At noon the conference will be over with the closing ceremony. Afterwards we will deconstruct our creation. Nothing will remain of it than Andreas’ wonderful pictures. But furthermore this impressing visual experience will not end to enrich our inner world… We are very enthusiastic with all of the different intermediate results of our work and especially with the “final” scene grown out of trust in a field of uncertainty…