art-dialog 2: first reflections looking back...



Yesterday we completed our installation with only very few more interventions. We are still very satisfied by the result. The installation looks very aesthetic and light. Unfortunately it is not easy to recognise it in the optically “wild” environment of our art place. As well it was for Andreas a great challenge to take a photographic long shot of  it.
Karen Flegg the redactor in chief of WONCA-News and WONCA-website visited us. She offered us the opportunity to publish some photos on the WONCA-website. We appreciate this very much. So family doctors from all over the globe can see this art-science endeavour. May be other conference organizers can get inspired to perform analogical projects.
We reflected the degree of attention which our project got in Prague. On the one hand it was highly present: it was perfectly tagged by the conference organizers with markers in the conference venue; with the very good cooperation of Jakub Novak many pictures were projected as part of the slide loops during the break times. We had many interested visitors and very interesting dialogues with them about the role of arts within the consultation. On the other hand we have the impression, that our project was not really perceived as an inevitable part of the conference. It seems to us, that it was rather an appendix. Summary we can see it like a quite successful and well attended workshop.
It was our first art-science project on-site. We are a learning system and will continue to reflect the needs to enhance visibility and  perception of possible further art-science projects as well as their full integration within a conference for family doctor.
And yes, we three artists are very ambitious…

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