art-dialog 3 : pain, my pain

During challenging non-stop 48 hours Esther and myself will create an improvised art-performance / -installation. The professional photographer Andreas Fahrni will accompany and observe us. Interested people can visit us during all the two days, day and night. At the end of the two days the installation will be destroyed. Only the pictures of Andreas will remain as a documentation and above that, as his own interpretation of the whole performance.

Performing our art-installation we will follow purely aesthetic criteria. Furthermore we let us lead by complex adaptive interactions between us two artists, the photographer and discussions with visiting people. Our earlier experiences (1,2) show that by an aesthetic approach deep insight in complex problems can get accomplished similar to cognitively led findings. So, looking for solutions of complex problems, arts can contribute to a mutually enriching discourse with sciences. Our arts work will occur from 26th – 28th October in Berne, Switzerland. It is inspired by the 3rd international conference of the ‘Society of Systems and Complexity for Healthcare’ to the theme ‘Embracing Complexity in Health’, which is organized by the member of this list, Joachim Sturmberg, et al. and will be held in Washington from 27th – 29th October 2017.

#performance #Krankheit #Installation #socialsculpture #Kunst