6 km of wire and 16 / 48 hours of performance

Yesterday we started our 48 hours nonstop art-performance changing first Esther’s Atelier for art therapy, with its colour marks at the walls, into a totally white box. In this artificial environment all our orientation got lost. We found ourselves in a void space to get filled with our art installation. Now we were ready for our endeavour to the unknown of our inspiration. At 20 pm we started to work with flexible wire. With 6 kilometers of wire and during 16 hours interrupted by a short sleep an exciting multifaceted, but not yet finalized structure arose. It visualizes our thoughts about pain. Visitors of our open performance interpreted the installation and compared their impressions about the sculpture with their own pain experiences as patients or doctors or their reflections about pain as healthy people. They told us about: the aesthetic of the sculpture, but their desorientation in the chaotic wuss of wire, modulation of the sculpture focussing the view on denser or less dens parts of the wire, a net of support by beliefs and relations, vaporising of the structure, changing of the sculpture’s effect depending of the light falling on it or when the windows are open and give view from the closed white box out in the surrounding nature, expectations and frustration of pain patients… We go on with our adventure