Day 2 : compression and concentration

After 36 hours of our performance with creating our installation and many interactions with visitors from yesterday 9 am until today 2 am and a short but refreshing sleep Esther an me look at our installation with new eyes. With a feeling of happiness. Our installation created by aesthetic criteria gives an important input to reflect deeply about pain, illness experience and disease, about getting lost in isolation as worst case of being ill, about the healing effect by a carrying contact with a supporting social net… During this time we learned a lot as therapists from our installation and the interaction with the visitors. For the next step we reflected two options. To expand the installation or to compress it to the smallest possible size including all its history, narrative, interactions and reflections, like power and energy concentrating carpet or cube. Fearing that doing more would blur the force of expression of the installation we decided to let it how it is now, to further discuss it as such with our visitors of today and to compress it during the last of the 48 hours. Transforming this decision into the daily practice means, that doing less is often better than polypragmasy. We postulated in the beginning of our performance that pain is universal and each pain is an universe. At the end of the times the universe will collapse / concentrate to a singular black whole containing all the energy from the big bang and from all what has happened during the myriads of years. Like this we will do with our installation. Esther and me, we both are now in a very calm and solemnly mood, a kind like accompanying and taking leave from a beloved dying person. And we are full of energy to do the next step of our performance.