Last 10 hours – an overwhelming experience

During the whole Saturday a huge number of visitors dropped in without stop. We experienced wonderful encounters with many people, friends and people we didn’t know before. The installation with its awe-inspiring strong and at the same time very fragile size and with its countless small details created a devotional and dignified atmosphere. It transformed the initially empty and unoriented cold white box in a room of silence and meditation inspiring countless emotional dialogues by muted voice. We and the visitors got the enriching opportunity to interchange deep and very personal reflections about each kind of pain and relief. After 48 hours it was planned to deconstruct the powerful installation. And we felt, it was time to do so. During a small ceremonial setting we compressed the installation to a small carpet. With this small black body of wire bedded in its centre the white room transformed again. It appeared very empty, like an open tomb and provoked an atmosphere of sadness and bereavement.

Now, the day after these very emotional and extremely rich 48 hours with our unlimited presence and concentration I woke up after a night with bad dreams. I feel pain in my whole body, tired and sad – and a kind of empty knowing that I’m overfull of the overwhelming experience of our endeavour. How Esther feels, she must tell herself. Today we reconvert the white box to the atelier of Esther. Tomorrow she will paint again with her clients and patients. And I will return also in my practice and to my patients. A great thank belongs to Andreas, our photographer who took wonderful pictures. But he was more than that. He cared for us with delicious meals which he prepared for us. And a great thank goes also to our assistents Wilfried, Annkatrin and Patrick.